Vintage Ligne Roset seating is on everyone’s most-wanted list

That’s Hot

Our happy place is watching the ever-shifting shape of the vintage market. Forgotten pieces come out of hiding; make appearances in high-profile interiors and editorial; charge through the auctions, and then fall back into the shadows of other emergent trends. It’s like bird watching for design nerds.

Around five years ago, we couldn’t help but notice that the chicly Space-Age Togo Sofa, designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, was beginning to enjoy a resurgent popularity. But instead of coming and going, the Togo not only kept on burning brighter but also inspired a reawakening around its Ligne Roset cousins, like the Adria and Kashima.

One of Pamono’s dealers, Area Design Ltd., specializes in vintage Togos. So we reached out for insights about their customers and to understand the enduring Togo phenomenon. Owners Pat and Mat say it’s really quite simple: there’s really no other design—past or present—quite like it.


Pam: When did you start focusing on vintage Ligne Roset?

Pat: The Togo Sofa is our dream design. We always liked designs from that period, but Ligne Roset makes particularly beautiful furniture. We bought our first LR sofa about four years ago, and our customers went crazy for it.

Pam: Why do you think vintage Ligne Roset is having such a resurgence now?

Pat: Because Ligne Roset design are timeless and high-quality but also like works of art.

Pam: How has the market changed over the last few years?

Pat: In fact, rather surprisingly, the prices have remained quite similar for several years.