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Alice Stori Liechtenstein has made a name for herself on the international design scene over the years as a blogger, designer, and curator. In 2015, she launched her most ambitious—and inspiring—design project yet: Schloss Hollenegg for Design. Set in a baroque Austrian castle (which is, fabulously, also Stori Liechtenstein’s family home), this nonprofit offers a design residency program and exhibition platform to support emerging talents. Next month, Schloss Hollenegg opens its latest show, Ad Mensam, an exploration of “the table as a place where we come together, share food, behave, fight, and reunite.”

And this week in Milan, during Fuorisalone, Stori Liechtenstein—one of the minds behind Alcova Sassetti—is helping transform a former cashmere factory from the 1930s into a pop-up platform for an exciting program of exhibitions and performances.

Though she’s busily preparing for her upcoming exhibitions, Stori Liechtenstein was kind enough to let us steal her away for a few moments for a fun catch-up. Read on to learn more about the woman behind some of the design world’s most intriguing projects.


1) What are the three things you cant live without?

Emilia, Cosimo, and Giulia.

(But also coffee, music, and sunshine.)


2) What is the most beloved book you own?

A children’s book by Dino Buzzati.


3) How do you find creative inspiration?  Schloss Hollenegg in Austria Photo © Federico Floriani

When I am on the move and when I enter a church or a museum.


4) Whats the best advice you ever received?

Find a job you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life.


5) The worst?

Probably something about the importance of money…


6) If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring designer or curator, what would it be?

Be there and do your homework. Everyday.


7) What would your ideal superpower be? (besides the superpower of being a working parent of course)

Traveling at the speed of light!


8) What is your current, go-to soundtrack?

 I am back to listening to a lot of Italian music at the moment…


9) Do you have any work-related rituals?

Make tea in the morning and clear the table at the end of the day.


10) What are you most thankful for?

Easy: My family.


11) Do you have any special (potentially hidden) talents?

I am hoping to be a disco queen in my next life!


12) If you had the power to change any one thing in the world, what would you choose?

Can we please solve climate change?


Thank you, Alice!


*And stay tuned for more coverage of Alice Stori Lichtenstein's upcoming show, Ad Mensam, opening in just a few weeks!
Contemporary design exhibition AD MENSAM

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