This year's recommendations for the holiday season

Pamono Staff Picks

By Boglárka Kőrösi

As the holiday season is upon us, it’s time for our annual tradition of sharing this year’s recommendations from our multinational, multi-talented, design-loving Pamono staff.

For me, alas, this will be the last assignment of my internship. Getting to work at Pamono—even if only for a couple of months—gave me the opportunity to participate in the everyday hustle and bustle of this lively Berlin office, which has welcomed in a gaggle of young people from amazingly diverse backgrounds. Each of them has a story to tell... and a favorite design to share. I'm going to miss them and their cosmopolitan views on good design.


Mykonos Modular Candleholders by May Arratia 

“I love the colorful aluminum objects by Spanish designer May Arratia . If you're like me and enjoy a touch of the holiday mood all year long, this modular candleholder in black, purple and orange is right for you!" —Hanna Komornitzyk, Translations



Structure 03 Screen Prints by Archidreamer

“I'm a sucker for prints, because they can really change the feeling of a room. In this particular piece from Archidreamer , I like how the abstract landscape recalls views of various cities I’ve visited over the years.” —Claudio Cordoni, Development

© Archidreamer


Danish Copper Milieu Lamps by Johannes Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup (1960s)

"Scandi is one of my favorite design styles. The warm copper shade on this lamp by Danish designer Johannes Hammerborg would be the perfect lighting to create a cozy, hygge atmosphere in my Berlin flat." —Vanessa Krüger, Marketing

© Eyespy


Lotus Table Lamps in Salmon by Serena Confalonieri for Mason Editions

"The Lotus Lamp from Italian designer Mason Editions immediately caught my eye. There is something so simple and feminine about the colors and the lines that call out to me. It reminds me a bit of Hans-Agne Jakobsson's fringed lighting." —Rachel Miller, Editorial

© Mason Editions


Kala Vases by Kenneth Cobonpue 

"I love this pair of plant holders by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue . They are whimsical and playful, but practical at the same time"  —Yasmine Schrey, Content 

© Galerie Philia


Balloon Bowl No. 10 by Maarten de Ceulaer 

“The weirdly original process through which Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer created these plates makes them look, to me, like an artifact from an extremely old and wise civilization. There's a sort of archetypal, symbiotic connection to nature.”  —Valeria Osti Guerrazzi, Translations

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer


Danish Teak Nesting Tables by Kai Kristiansen (1960s)

"As an editor, I go through hundreds of products a day. I love vintage furniture, but it is sometimes hard to find beautiful pieces on a budget. These vintage nesting tables by Danish icon Kai Kristiansen are a wonderful example of classic style at just the right price " —India Herlem, Content

© Colonel Vintage


Archive Bottle Shape Vase from Pamono x KPM

“What can I say about the Archive Collection that we produced in partnership with KPM. The whole point of pictures is that you don’t have to explain things with words.” —Ramtin Zanjani, Photography

Photo © Ramtin Zanjani for Pamono


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    • Boglárka Kőrösi

      Boglárka Kőrösi

      Boglárka Kőrösi is a design theorist from Budapest, who has years of experience managing, curating, and writing about the Hungarian art and design scene. Whenever she becomes overwhelmed by the diversity of this field, she likes to sit back and enjoy a good book or discover Berlin on her bike.

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