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La Terrasse

Interea Alan Boom Photo © Ronald Smith

We were recently introduced to designer-curator Erez Nevi Pana and his La Terrasse project. Alum of both Holon Institute and Design Academy Eindhoven, Erez doesn't shy away from conceptual challenges. And he has a great eye for spotting talent among his peers. Check out some shots of his recent exhibition during Dutch Design Week, which featured the work of other "ones to watch" Elisa Strozyk, Tuomas Markunpoika, Tal Erez, Francesco Zorzi, Alan Boom, and Tamar Shafrir. And here's what Erez has to say about his curatorial efforts:

LA Terrasse at GasFabriek Photo © Ronald Smith

"La Terrasse is all about the the link between design and language. A new generation of educated designers is growing now—designers that communicate with greater confidence. They read more and write beautiful texts, but this content is not getting enough attention. In exhibitions, blogs, or magazines, exposure is always focused on the products, on images. La Terrasse as a platform puts the theoretical depth of contemporary designers at the forefront. Ideas are meant to be conveyed and texts are meant to be read—just like a chair meant to be sat on. These non-object-based productions of today's designers serve as the fertile soil for planting and cultivating critical, creative, visionary approaches for design for generations to come."

(Left ) Lot’s Wife by Erez Nevi Pana, (Right) Ceramic surface reflections by Elisa Strozyk Photo © Ronald Smith

We're looking forward to seeing the next La Terrasse exhibition in Milan next April, which may be accompanied by a publication. It'll be all about rhythm, inspired by the theories of John Cage. Intriguing. Erez adds, "I am now in a search for a space in Milan, and I've managed to target a few writers and designers that fit well with the theme. If there is any publishers reading this, let’s bind a book together!"

Distant Light by Tuomas Markunpoika Photo © Ronald Smith

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