Marina Dragomirova’s Fuchila series is Bulgarian tradition + London style

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One of our favorite recent trends entails furniture that weds modernistic, streamlined silhouettes with brightly hued, intricately woven surfaces. It’s the best of both worlds, really: clean, cool lines and rich, warm textures all rolled into one. Marina Dragomirova’s Fuchila series perfectly embodies this of-the-moment style—and is a true labor of love for the designer.

Fuchila_gold-blue_Marina_Dragomirova Fuchila Chair in blue and gold

Fuchila is a woven chair and settee inspired by the carpet-making traditions of Bulgaria, Dragomirova’s homeland. “The shape of the Fuchila Chair frame is based on the Bulgarian loom, and the seat mimics the weave techniques,” explains the London transplant. “I was traveling around my native country visiting museums and markets to research Bulgarian craft, and I often encountered carpets from different regions of Bulgaria that featured different colors and patterns. It was fascinating to see women passing their skills on to their daughters, across generations, and the identity that each of them gave to their work. That motivated me to look into the principles of the loom and use them in a new context.”

Here’s a cool video that shows how it’s made:


And some cool process shots:

Fuchila_Frame_Dragomirova The Fuchila Chair frame, inspired by Bulgarian carpet looms


And the beautiful finished Fuchilas:




Dragomirova graduated with an MA in Design Products from the RCA less than five years ago, and she’s already proving to be a force in creative upcycling and contemporary craft production. Her current projects continue this intriguing thread: “I am collaborating with Iain Howlett on a new lighting project, working with mouth-blown Czech glass and CNC milling. The project explores the interplay between Fresnel lenses and LED technologies. I am also developing samples for a carpet based on research I have done during my time working with craftspeople in Cyprus.”

Mihail_Novakov_Marina Dragomirova Marina Dragomirova, © Mihail Novakov


* All photos courtesy of Marina Dragomirova

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