Pamono’s first annual Green Friday Sale spotlights responsible consumption—and plants some trees

Doing Things Differently

As 2020—what a year—draws to a close and the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. For many, all the heartache and hardship the world has seen in recent months has served as a wake up call and a call to action, prompting us to work toward a better future.

As an e-commerce platform, we’ve been thinking a lot about consumption and how we can do our part to adopt and encourage more responsible approaches. Responsible consumption is about being more thoughtful about what you buy and choosing a sustainable option whenever possible.

There is an inherent sustainable aspect to vintage design and antiques. They are, by definition, recycled, up-cycled, and reused. They tend to be well made and built to last, ideal for passing on to the next generation rather than tossing into a landfill.

This year we’re compelled to go a step further. Instead of feeding into the typical Black Friday consumption frenzy, we have launched our first annual Green Friday Sale. Partnering with our amazing community of vintage dealers, we have committed to planting a tree for every purchase from our Green Friday collection. “The idea,” says Pamono co-founder Letizia Luperini, “is to shine a light on our collective need to reduce consumption and production while contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.”



Images of Concetto Pozzati lithographs courtesy of Marco Polo.

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