Young designers invited to showcase their work this June in Hyères and Toulon

The Design Parade Is Coming

By Wava Carpenter

The finalists for the annual Design Parade Festival have just been announced, and we can't wait to see the exhibitions in both Hyères and Toulon in June. The images released for each studio hint at the richness that's sure to come: lots of color, texture, thoughtfulness, and humor. As if you needed another reason to hang out in Southern France this summer.

Drum roll please… The designers selected for the Hyères portion of the Design Parade, which is dedicated to object design, include Loïc Bard (France), Anaïs Borie (France), Pablo Bras (France), Tom Chung (Canada), Marie Cornil (France), Sara de Campos (Portugal), Julien Manaira (France), Alex Sizemore & Hank Beyer (USA), Camille Viallet & Théo Leclercq (France), and Alexandre Willaume (France).

For the Design Parade's interior design section, presented in Toulon, the designers include Bérengère Botti & Sophie Genestoux (France), Charlotte & Juliette Castay (Belgium), Antoine Chauvin (France), Lucas Djaou (France), Valentin Dubois & Shizuka Saito (France & Switzerland), Laura Fournier (France), Clémence Frot (France), Kim Haddou & Florent Dufourcq (France), Natacha Mankowski (France), and Jeanne Martin & Marie-Marie Vergne (France).

While there will be official winners announced at the Design Parade in a few months, we would like to congratulate all who've been invited to participate. Judging from the past years, we know that all these designers have been set on the road to success.


*The international Design Parade festival will be held in Toulon and in Hyères from June 28 to July 1st, 2018. The exhibitions will be open to the public until September 30.

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