Tanggaard Jørgensen of Another Classic spotlights his favorite vintage finds

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Just a few years ago, Tanggaard Jørgensen and his mother Lene launched Another Classic in their hometown of Esbjerg, Denmark, with the idea that running a vintage shop would be a fun side project. Perhaps underestimating the world's voracious appetite for postwar Scandinavian furniture, they quickly realized this endeavor would be a full-time job, even after enlisting the woodworking skills of Tanggard's father, the metalworking skills of his grandfather, and the upholstering skills of a family friend.

Since his keen sensitivity for design classics allowed Tanggaard to grow his family's business so quickly, we reached out and asked him to tell us what's caught his eye lately on Pamono. Here's what he had to say:


Model SW-96 Armchair by Finn Juhl for Søren Willadsen

This very rare Finn Juhl chair is just incredible! I love its organic structure, the intricate caning, and its perfect expression of traditional Scandinavian simplicity. Plus, it's crafted by Søren Willadsen , which was located 50 km from our warehouse. Photo © Studio Designboard


Bambi Armchair by Rolf Rastad & Adolf Relling for Gustav Bahus & Eft

Another beautifully caned design is the Bambi Chair by Rastad & Relling . It's always been one of my favorites—Norwegian design at its best. Photo © Studio Schalling


Model EK Lounge Chair by Illum Wikkelsø for Niels Eilersen

This Illum Wikkelsø chair features incredible craftmanship and  has Danish design written all over it. It's one of Wikkelsø's rarest designs—even more rare in rosewood. Photo © Another Classic


Model 29 Sideboard by Arne Vodder for Sibast

This Arne Vodder sideboard is for me the "king" of sideboards. It's just so well made, with a striking combination of rosewood and coloured panels. I'm also fond of the brushed steel feet, which allows this grand sideboard to feel light and easy. Photo © Studio Schalling


Mahogany & Cord Armchair by Niels Otto Møller for J.L. Møllers

This chair is the most sought after from N. O. Møller. The mahogany version is the rarest but somewhat surprisingly not the priciest. Photo © Another Classic


Sheepskin Lounge Chairs by Kurt Østervig

These lounge chairs by Kurt Østervig have such a great shape—so fine and welcoming. It will be hard to let go of them when they're sold. Photo © Another Classic


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