10 vintage designs in the hue of the moment

Back in Black

Photo © City Furniture
Confident, cool, chic. Black finishes have been on trend in contemporary furniture and accessories for a while, but now this of-the-moment hue is taking off in vintage design as well. 

Whenever we think about black-finished vintage designs, we immediately picture the signature 1970s Brutalist cabinets from De Coene , the classic Belgian furniture manufacturer known most for storage furniture embellished with circular relief patterns. So we turned to Liège-based vintage dealer Vintage Addict to help us track down other vintage pieces en noir. Here are ten that are sure to elevate your space.


Black Lacquered Dining Chairs from Pietro Costantini

Pietro Costantini is an Italian brand specialized in wood chairs that’s been around since the 1920s. Featuring a high-backed fan-like structure and a saddle-stitched leather seat, this model from the 1980s cuts a striking silhouette in black. Photo © Vintage Addict


Belgian Black Lacquered Oak Enfilade

This 1970s-era sideboard made in Belgium offers a more minimalist but equally functional alternative to the De Coene cabinets. Entirely lacquered in black, it occupies space like a stealthy, 3D shadow. Photo © Vintage Addict


Midcentury Italian Brass & Steel Chandelier

Pairing black with gold tones amps up the glamour factor by ten. But the pared back form of this 1960s-era Italian chandelier maintains a cool, effortless allure. Photo © Vintage Addict


Tilting Lounge Chair By Lennart Ahlberg for Swecco

Pairing black with chrome, in contrast, can overshoot cool and end up feeling cold. This distinctive lounge produced in Germany in the 1980s, however, is too dynamic to be aloof. It harkens back to iconic tubular steel Bauhaus designs while engaging its environment like a work of sculpture. Photo © Vintage Addict


Leather & Teak Cadett Banquette by Eric Merthen for Ire Möbler

Black paired with wood is always seriously classic. This 1960s-era Swedish settee in teak and black leather caught our eye, because the thin, sculptural form maintains a distinctly airy quality. Photo © Vintage Addict


Black Lacquered Mahogany Bar Cart by Ico Parisi

Ico Parisi was a master of creating furniture with sculptural forms. This bar car from 1959 is a perfect example of the Italian architect-designer’s flair for artful curves and angles. Photo © Vintage Addict


Black Leather Dining Table by Tito Agnoli for Mateo Grassi

Italian designer Tito Agnoli’s leather-clad, saddle-stitched tables produced by Mateo Grassi in the 1970s and 1980s have enjoyed a revival recently. And the examples in black leather are all the more sought-after. The design is a classic but also very much of the moment. Photo © Vintage Addict


Black Leather Modular Seating Set by Guido Faleschini

Italian designer Guido Faleschini’s 1970s-era leather modules may be hard to find, but they definitely pack a punch in black. We love this set's retro futuristic style. Photo © Vintage Addict


Brass & Steel Adjustable Desk Lamp by Christian Dell for Kaiser Dell

Christian Dell’s midcentury table lamps are icons of minimalism. But this one in solid brass with a black-enameled shade is upgraded with a hint of glamor. Photo © Vintage Addict


The Call Lithograph by Hans Rudolf Schiess

Black-and-white artwork completes the look. We’re fond of this 1973 abstact lithograph by German painter Hans Rudolph Schiess. Photo © Vintage Addict