Paola C.

Marino, Italy

Founded in 2000, Paola C. is the result of the creative relationship between founder Paola Coin and in-house artistic director Aldo Cibic. They began producing household accessories and objects over which people can share moments, memories and encounters. The collection started with a line of hand-finished ceramics and a line of hand-blown glass objects. The research has since expanded with the exploration of other materials including wood, metal and silver-plating. The following projects consist of cooperative projects and exhibitions with design schools, which lead to a lot of lucky encounters, including one with Bijoy Jain which led to a Woodwork exhibition in 2012. In 2014, Paola C. decided to add to the collection a series of short stories that relate to the creation of the objects that they produce and design. The first story designed by Jaime Hayon in 2014, was followed by Tavola Gioia by Aldo Cibic, Dolce Vita by Cristina Celestino, Paesaggio Lunare by Elisa Ossino and Coquille by Chiara Andreatti. The commitment of Paola C. to give a chance to the youngest faces to design continues leading to dedicated exhibitions all around the world.