Form&Seek is an international design collective founded by Bilge Nur Saltik, Golnar Roshan, and Ruben de la Rive Box. The three met as young designers in London and launched the collective there in 2013 under the name No Borders; in 2014 they updated the name to Form&Seek. While not bound to any one location, Form&Seek maintains strong roots in London to this day, at the same time that it collaborates with designers from around the globe. Conceived as a platform to present the work of a variety of up-and-coming designers, it is dedicated to contemporary design that reflects diverse perspectives, and ranges from furniture, lighting, and accessories to objets d’art, installations, and more. According to the founders, “We are a collective of young designers who are interested in both the functional and poetic appeal of design, who believe that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world. By placing our work within the familiar framework of everyday life, we aim to innovate and provoke discussion.”

As of this writing, Form&Seek’s roster includes approximately 80 designers, such as Jules Waibel, Sarah Colson, Lina Patsiou, Alicja Patanowska, and Michiel Poelmann. Roshan and de la Rive Box are also partners in the London- and Amsterdam-based studio Rive Roshan; Nur’s eponymous studio is based in both Ann Arbor, Michigan and Istanbul. 

Form&Seek has exhibited works at a number of prestigious design events. To date, presentations include No Borders at Istanbul Design Week (2013), Layers at Milan Design Week (2014), Under the Roof at London Design Festival (2014), FORM at Milan Design Week (2015), Pop-Up at London Design Festival (2015), Seek at Milan Design Week (2016), de-construct at Boxpark and reconstruct at Tent, both during London Design Festival (2016), and Age of Man at Milan Design Week (2017).