Richard Yasmine

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut-based interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine is known his refined yet whimsical designs that aim to bridge the gap between tradition and trend.  

Yasmine obtained his Master’s in Fine Art from Lebanese University in 2003, and shortly after he established himself as a conceptual designer. Merging experimentation with professional know-how, Yasmine believes design should be simple, bold, and straightforward—with just a touch of fantasy. He draws inspiration from an array of renowned architects, artists, and fashion designers like Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, Anish Kappor, Yayoi Kusama, Rei Kawakubo, and Yohji Yamamoto. Yasmine always strives to incorporate a fresh approach, while also remaining true to his Lebanese cultural roots. To date, Yasmine has participated in several regional and international competitions; exhibited at workshops and fairs in Paris, Milan, the United Kingdom, and Dubai; and has earned a number of prizes and awards. 

Notable projects include his HAWA Beirut series, a collection of pastel-hued, thinly structured furniture that exudes airiness and references traditional Lebanese architectural forms. Yasmine’s aptly named Wake Up Call series of lamps—created from recyclable and sustainable materials—is a sly commentary on humanity’s ever-growing impact upon the natural world; the hand-blown glass elements mimics bird eggs that rests on abandoned birds nests and semi-precious stone. Currently, Yasmine is further exploring the Middle Eastern spirit within his product design through collaborations with craftsmen specialized in traditional carving and marquetry.