Marina Dragomirova

London, United Kingdom

Product designer Marina Dragomirova was born in 1983 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She studied at New Bulgarian University in Sofia between 2002 and 2008, earning both a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design (2005) and a Bachelor’s in interior design (2008). She went on to study design products at London’s Royal College of Art, earning her Master’s degree in 2011. In 2010, she interned in the print design department at Alexander McQueen. Dragomirova established her own design studio in November 2012 in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

Dragomirova’s work focuses on craft-inspired designs often influenced by the textile weavings of her native land. She also works with glass, ceramics, lighting, and jewelry, frequently repurposing found vintage materials into contemporary projects. From time to time, Dragomirova also collaborates with designer and studio mate Iain Howlett. Notable projects to date include: the Fuchila Chair (2011); Mixers  (2014, ongoing), a series of mix-and-match vintage stemmed glasses; the Fuchila Sofa  (2013); the Fuchila Ikat chair (2013), a collaboration with textile designer Ptolemy Mann that was ultimately exhibited at the Ruthin Craft Center (2011) and London’s Aram Gallery (2012); Lacuna (2014, ongoing) a glass lighting series made in collaboration with Iain Howlett; and 3D Textiles, a collaboration with textile designer Stine Linnemann at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen (2015).