Humans Since 1982

Stockholm, Sweden

Both born in 1982, Per Emanuelsson (Sweden) and Bastian Bischoff (Germany) work together under the name Humans Since 1982. The two founded the studio following their graduation from the Masters program at the School of Design and Crafts (HDK) Gothenburg in 2008. Prior to their introduction, Emanuelsson earned a Master of Science degree at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and Bastian studied Communication Design at HTWG in Konstanz, Germany. The pair has lived and worked in Stockholm since 2010.

Humans Since 1982 explores the connection between design and function. Often, the studio’s designs will reinterpret common objects to potentially change the relationship between their audiences and that object—such as their 2013 A Million Times design, which incorporated 288 analogue clocks to create elaborate patterns and texts.