Christophe Côme

Paris, France

Born in Normandy, France in 1965, artist-designer Christophe Côme grew up in an artistic family that includes ceramicists and illustrators. As a young man, he learned to cast bronze while apprenticing with French sculptor Louis Derbré. Early on, Côme focused on jewelry and sculpture but during the mid 1990s, he began to explore furniture design. After a visit to a glass studio in 1995, Côme began incorporating glass into his work, and the material became an integral component of his signature style.

To date, Côme is best known for juxtaposing refined and raw materials; he fuses metal and other industrial materials with pristine glass to make sculptural lighting, tables, and more. In the past few years, however, he has expanded his design vocabulary by experimenting with a broader color spectrum and material selection, including hand-glazed tiles, gilded wood, and enameled copper.

Côme’s work is included in collections around the world, and featured in Chanel boutiques in Paris, Shanghai, and Beirut.  He lives and works in Paris.