Icons & Props

Icons & Props began its existence as a small shop in the Netherlands, in the southern city of Breda. Originally it sold clothing, utility items and, on occasion, furniture from the 1950s and 60s. Casey Godrie approached the owners and proposed that they work together, not with the intention of pursuing profit but with the goal of setting up a BeBoB foundation, later to become BeBoB Design. He continued to collect second-hand items, the majority of which consisted of design furniture. In 2010 BeBoB relocated to a larger location, Keizersgracht 300, and by the end of 2011 a new web-shop had been launched. BeBoB continues to go from strength to strength, now as Icons & Props, and offers up a vast collection of vintage design classics from both fellow Dutch designers and manufacturers and those from other corners of Europe. A minimum of 10% of Icons & Props' profit is donated to Apa, a foundation to help underpriviliged children in Asia.