Fröjel Retro & Design

Göran and Margitha Björnberg opened their business Fröjel Retro & Design in 2008, after years of mongering flea markets, auctions, and design shops. Fueled by their shared longtime interest in design—Göran's background is in museums, while Margitha is a designer and filmmaker—the pair make a good combination. Originally located in an 18th century smith, the boutique focused on Scandinavian ceramics and glass. Today, they have expanded their collection to include Italian and French design, and boast a wide variety of products including furniture, ceramics, lamps, glass, textiles, and arts. From the beginning, Göran and Margitha have been driven by their passion and love for good design, and they have always concentrated on quality—both in design and in the way pieces have been looked after.