A studio visit in London

With Lina Patsiou

By Ambra Medda

During the past couple of days in London I’ve been fortunate to get to go visit the studios of a handful of designers that I think are absolutely brilliant. Let’s kick off with the fantastic Lina Patsiou!

While I was there, we spent a lot of talking about her Chromatography Network and Sprayer. The ‘shape of language’ (there’s a photo of it later in this post) is the result that comes out of the chromatography network software which abstracts the alphabet through a series of decoding and encoding. The shape below is the one produced when you input all letter combinations into the software and they are translated into a sculptural, colored structure.

This is the same software that’s used by her Sprayer, which instead translates letter combinations into specific color and spatial coordinates, giving the words you type a physical representation as they are “painted” onto an object. Very neat!

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit Lina in her new studio showing me the latest developments of her new projects. There was a lot of leather surface treatment testing going on.

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, Chromatography Watching Lina’s Chromatography video.

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, Chromatography

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, paint, Chromatography Bottles of the most vibrantly colored paint.

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, Chromatography Pots from the Chromatography Sprayer.

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, RCA Her beloved apron from when she was studying at the Royal College of Art.

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit, Chromatography The Networks Lina with her 3D printed color formula, the 'shape of language.'

Lina Patsiou, Studio visit . . . anything can be treated in her Chromatography Sprayer, even shoes!

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