A Peter Marigold Lovefest

With a Little Help From My Friends

By Ambra Medda

When Peter Marigold's name comes up in the design community, the response is most often a combination of respect, adoration, and warm, sincere smiles. Marigold seems to make an incredibly positive and often memorable impact on almost everyone he meets. So as we were working on this week's feature story on the hugely talented Mr. Marigold, we thought, why not also reach out to some of Peter's design peers to see, through their eyes, just what it is that makes Peter stand out from the pack?

We asked a handful of his design friends—Glithero, Study O Portable, and Raw Edges—for their take on what makes the idiosyncratic, ever-charming, and accomplished Mr. Marigold one of the most beloved individuals working in design today.

Their answers were certainly varied, but all definitely point to Marigold's one-of-a-kind humor and personality. And Peter, despite these slightly incriminating remarks, trust us; you are very, very loved.

image © Peter Marigold image © Peter Marigold

Designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges say, "We've known Peter for exactly ten years now, and we work at the same building in London. No doubt he is a special man with equal measures of complex knowledge and experimental impulses. . . at the end of the day, this is really what makes a good designer!"  ALSO: "In Spring 2009, we spent few weeks in sunny Basel working on our installations for the Design Miami/ Basel Designers of the Future Award . . .they really made a great effort to make us feel special and put us in a fancy hotel for the whole period. Peter wanted to use his laptop one evening, but he didn't have a Swiss electric adaptor . . . instead of simply calling reception to ask for one, he decided to cut his laptop's cable and simply push the bare wires into the wall socket. Does it need to be mentioned that electricity broke down all over the place?"

raw-edges_it's-okay-to-play-with-your-food_006_resizedforblog It's okay to play with your food, courtesy of Raw Edges

Testuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens of Study O Portable tell us: “Peter has these jokes that he likes to tell. They are not always easy to get, but there is something about being able to get them that makes us appreciate his idiosyncrasies. They are often thoughtful . . . and sometimes quite funny too.”

And Glithero's Tim Simpson deadpans, "Peter almost killed me. He once pushed over a half-ton bookcase right next to where I was sleeping when he came home one night in Milan, probably drunk. It would have crushed my skull into a hundred pieces. We can laugh about it now, though."

For more Peter, be sure to check out Bleed, this week's feature on Marigold's latest design collection, and our recent blog post, How To Cook Porridge Holding A Baby!

*Thanks to all of Peter's friends for contributing. Peter, please don't be mad. Love, Ambra, Wava, and Anna

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