Toogood in Paris

If you have the opportunity, check out Galerie BSL's latest exhibition presenting British multi-talent Faye Toogood for the first time in Paris. What an extraordinary collaboration! The gallery is known for showcasing works that manage to be both high-concept and visually seductive, and Faye's approach is a perfect exemplar.

With all the sparkling golds and supercool aquas, this show is a feast for the eyes.

Caged Elements Chair Caged Elements Chair

Green Armour Bench Green Armour Bench

Blue Element Table Blue Element Table

Naked Bronze Bowl Naked Bronze Bowl

Green Bronze Spade Chair Green Bronze Spade Chair

We're proud to offer Faye Toogood's Spade Chairs here, here, and here.

The exhibition runs at Galerie BSL, 23 rue Charlot, Paris, until June 28, 2014.

* Photos courtesy of Galerie BSL