Our friend Eyal Burstein checked out this years RCA show

The Royal College Of Art

We're big fans of the RCA in London. We've collaborated and become friends with many graduates and continue to follow the careers of young promising international students from this incredible school. It continues to amaze us how many talented young minds get molded through this institution. We thought it would be nice to mix things up a bit this year, so we asked our friend, Israeli designer Eyal Burstein to fly to London and shed light on a few stellar students and their projects. Eyal reported that, given the city's rain and gloom that day, things began without much promise. However, once he started looking at the students' presentation and speaking with them about their processes, things definitely brightened up. His favorites are below:

#1) Sweatshop by Joe Pipal Sweatshop1
About the project: Sweatshop is a manufacturing concept using traditional steam bending techniques. Designed by Joe Pipal, the project explores the role of designer, maker and manufacturer.  

#2) FOREVER by Lina Patsiou  LinaPatsiou2
About the project: FOREVER is a collection of leather-upholstered furniture that have been exposed to UV light. The amount of light and shadow on their surface is directly reflected on the tone of their skin. The series explores the way in which our every gesture forever changes our surroundings and aims to reveal such subtle imprints on the skin of the objects.  

#3) Fibreland by Lina Patsiou LinaPadsiou4
About the project: Fibreland is created by placing a chair into a spray booth where it becomes covered in a composite of nylon fibre and glue, the waste produced during the process of flocking. The composite grows over the chair in an organic manner, forming a multi-colored strata. Born in Greece, Lina Patsiou approaches her work in an analytical manner and a philosophical appetite, to create objects where fact and fantasy merge in a narrative of their own.  

#4) Textiles by Claire Felicity Miller ClaireFelicityMiller1
About the designer: Claire Felicity Miller is a London-based textile designer who recently graduated with an MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art, London.  

#5) Textiles & Accessories by Ejing Zhang Moonrise3
About the projects: Chinese craftsmanship and ethnical cultures inspire the translation of traditional techniques and materials into Ejing Zhang's manipulated textile designs and contemporary accessories.

About our first guest curator: Eyal Burstein was born in 1977 in Tel Aviv, and studied Graphic Design at the London College of Printing and later Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art. Based in Berlin, Eyal's work is a symbiosis of art and design, resulting from long-term research and expressed through the objects and spaces that develop from the process. Eyal is a very smart, very talented designer and the author of the recently published Taxing Art, a book that discusses the effects taxation has on creativity.

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