Roaming at LDF

Some more highlights from LDF


Sarfatti at Flos, plus Urquiola and Front

We stopped into Flos to check out their Gino Sarfatti show, and were pleasantly surprised to also stumble upon a couple of tables by Patricia Urquiola and poufs by Front, that called to mind grazing animals.

Flos's show "Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti" showcased a selection of Sarfatti's lighting pieces that the gallery had recreated adopting modern technologies—such as the incorporation of LED lights in an unobtrusive fashion—while retaining the sophisticated looks of the original designs.

"Model 548" Originally produced in 1951

"Model 2129" originally produced in 1969

"Model 1095" originally produced in 1968

A couple of fun Patricia Urquiola tables A couple of fun Patricia Urquiola tables

And these fantastic poufs by Front! And these fantastic poufs by Front!

Muller Van Severen at Viaduct

A little later, we checked out the Muller Van Severen show at Viaduct, presenting a sleek furniture collaboration between photographer Fien Muller and sculptor Hannes Van Severen. We loved the pair’s leather and steel pieces, especially the Duo Seat + Lamp and Crossed Double Seat.

A couple of "First Chairs" A couple of

"Duo Seat + Lamp"

"Crossed Double Seat"

Muller Van Severen_4

Made by WORKS

Last but not least, we hit Made by WORKS, a collective of recent RCA grads formed in 2012. The standouts included the Moonrise necklace and bracelets by Ejing Zhang (some of her work was included on the blog recently in our The Royal College of Art post), Dafi Reis Doron's Square Stools, Lola Lely’s Potluck Stools, and Jungin Lee’s salt-based Flamingo furniture.

Ejing Zhang's "Moonrise" necklace Ejing Zhang's

Dafi Reis Doron‘s "Square Stools" Dafi Reis Doron‘s

Lola Lely’s "Potluck Stools" Lola Lely’s

Jungin Lee’s "Flamingo" furniture Jungin Lee’s

So much to see, so little time!