A gorgeous retrospective celebrates 10 years of Studio Wieki Somers

Out of the Ordinary

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam celebrates the tenth anniversary of Studio Wieki Somers—founded by Dutch designers Dylan van den Berg and Wieki Somers—with the exhibition Out of the Ordinary.

If you've followed the studio's career like we have, then you can guess that this show is everything promised in it's title. From the career-launching Bath Boat to the recent Japanese-inspired Mitate Collection, all you're favorites have been included in an installation based on the principles of Zen gardening.

Here's a nice statement from the museum on the project: "Dylan van den Berg and Wieki Somers see many extraordinary qualities in our everyday surroundings. They experiment with forms and materials and ask themselves how the ordinary things around us came into being. They observe, contemplate, and search for the stories that lie behind our daily rituals. These narratives inspire them to make new forms and objects. These products are remarkable not only for their story lines but also for their use of materials and technical ingenuity."

Isn't it just lovely?

Photo © Elian Somers







The show runs through January 11, 2015.

*All images © Elian Somers


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