A color-filled Saturday in Mexico

Oaxaca: Part 1

By Ambra Medda

My Saturday in Oaxaca was absolutely packed with seeing and visiting as much as I could, including Edición Especial Oaxaca, the Oaxaca market, Convento Santa Caterina, and Monte Albán—a pre-Columbian archaeological site that was absolutely incredible! It’s so wonderful being here. Not only is the weather fantastic but the people are great and the colors are amazing. I’m off to a big crafts market today, so I’ll have more color-filled photos for you tomorrow.



Oaxaca, Convento Santa Caterina Convento Santa Caterina.

Oaxaca, chairs




Oaxaca, Monte Alban Monte Albán, one of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica.

Oaxaca, Monte Albán

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