Munich Part 2

Part 2 from my trip to Munich a few weeks ago is a visit and catch up with Konstantin Grcic in his studio. I have been a long time fan and friend of Konstantin and his work . . . and I'm certainly not alone. I think Konstantin might be the most consistently respected and admired industrial designer today.


First thing's first: coffee.


The office is harmonious, joyful, rigorous.


Here's an awesome bookshelf designed by Konstantin. Modular, functional, friendly, all in a delightful green.


Konstantin's desk.

Bright desks Bright desks

and their matching (sort of) buckets! and their matching (sort of) buckets!



Then there was the folding bike, the Friend of Fast folding bike. I mean, how great a name is that, Friend of Fast! And see that little red thing sticking out the back? Not only does that have the reflector on it, but it's also the lever that you use to fold the whole bike up. Brilliant!

folding bike

Friend of Fast

Thanks for having us to visit Konstantin!