10 contemporary accessories in the most timeless of stones

Marble Marvels

"The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has." —Michelangelo

From antiquity to Art Deco and beyond, marble is eternally in style and in demand. And a raft of today's contemporary designers and makers, especially in Italy, have rediscovered this versatile and visually rich material to push the boundaries of what it can do. Exploiting the full spectrum of color options—luminous whites, hynotic blacks, earthy ochres, and more—these new takes on design in marble, including tableware, vases, barware, and more, showcase the material's age-old allure. 

What's makes marble so timelessly desirable and au courant? According to Elenora Negri, founder of Italian design brand Editions Milano, "Each creation in marble is unique, because the stone itself is infinitely variable; the patterns never repeat! So marble is always surprising, even as it's also reassuringly connected to history. Today, contemporary techniques in tandem with skilled artisanal knowledge are bringing to life unprecedented examples of marble's beauty and lightness."

Here's a selection of outstanding marble achievements in both form and function.


Triangoli Vessels by David/Nicolas for Editions Milano

Beirut architecture studio David/Nicolas  have earned an enviable reputation for their ultra collectible furniture designs offered through the world's most high-end design galleries. So we were so excited to see their gorgeous Triangoli Vessel Collection for Italian brand Editions Milano. Sieze the opportunity to bring a bit of these rising stars' minimal lux style into your home. 

Photo © Fabrizio Annibali; courtesy of Editions Milano


Alice Collection by Bethan Gray for Editions Milano

In the same vein—no pun intended—Editions Milano tapped another sought-after design luminary, London designer Bethan Gray , to explore new way of bringing marble into the 21st century. Gray's Alice Collection encompasses lamps, bowls, and cake stands rendered in super chic black and white marble stripes. A must-have.

Photo © Editions Milano


Coolers Bottle Coolers by Pietro Russo for Editions Milano

Obviously we're big fans of the impeccable marble craftsmanship that's quickly become Editions Milano signature. So we want to shout out one more collection from this blossoming Italian label: Pietro Russo's Coolers Bottle Coolers. This eye-pleasing designs keep the temperature of your white wine bottles low until you're ready to pop the cork and start drinking. Imagine how you're life is about to get that much better.

Photo © Fabrizio Annibali; courtesy of Editions Milano


Flat Pixel Vases by Paolo Ulian for Bufalini Marmi

The innovative Flat Pixel Vase by Italian designer Paolo Ulian brings an unexpected, interactive element to the timeless appeal of marble. The gorgeously tactile grids that are cut into the outer surfaces of these vases can be personally customized by the collector.

Photo © Bufalini Marmi


O-Ring Fruit Bowls by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti

Ulian has worked quite extensively with marble, designing a number of objects in collaboration with fellow Italian designer Moreno Ratti . Their O-Ring Fruit Bowl came out of a project in which the designers decided to find new, creative uses for 40 x 40 cm marble tiles without producing any waste. The resulting ethically produced collection is sculptural, engaging, and intriguing.

O-Ring Fruit Bowl by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti


PLAT-EAU Trays by Silvia Fanticelli for Salvatori

Seventy-plus-year-old Italian brand Salvatori does amazing things with marble. The PLAT-EAU Tray—with its unique pastiche of marble, hand-blown glass, and textured stone—is no exception. We love how this piece is both minimalist and inviting.

Photo © Salvatori


Omaggio a Morandi by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori

One of our favorite takes on contemporary minimalism is Salvatori's collaboration with in-demand, up-and-coming Italian archtiect Elisa Ossina. Her Omaggio a Morandi project—aka Homage to Morandi—is a collection marble objects inspired by the famous modernist Italian artist's still lifes. An assemblage of these beauties certainly make a cool statement.

Photo © Salvatori


Innesto Vases by Gumdesign for La Casa di Pietra

The Innesto Vases by Italian studio Gumdesign bring together two material with a rich Italian heritage—marble and ceramics—in a way that's unmistakably of the moment. The handmade beauties are so artistic; so fresh.

Photo © La Casa di Pietra


Phebe Marble Bowls by Faye Tsakalides for White Cubes

Hand-carved from Athenian Volakas marble, the Phebe Bowl by Greek designer Faye Tsakalides is a tabletop vessel or centerpiece—and a work of functional art. Its minimalist form is pure elegance.

Phebe Marble Bowl by Faye Tsakalides for White Cubes


Ice Ice Baby Buckets by Lorenza Bozzoli for Editions Milano

Last but not least, we just have to share our love for Lorenzo Bozzoli's  Ice Ice Baby Buckets for Editions Milano. The form recalls the classic molded zinc buckets that have been around forever. How did they do that in marble? What a charming addition to your next cocktail get-together!

Photo © Fabrizio Annibali; courtesy of Editions Milano


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