Maison & Objet

Upon entering Maison & Objet last Friday, I never would have believed that the first thing I'd see would be cleaning products—but that's exactly what greeted me; high-end cleaning products by Perigot. From brooms to foldable contraptions for flat-drying your laundry, to golden sponges!



Paris based Domestic apply graphic design to an array of objects for the home, while their sister company, Moustache, make all sorts of fun furniture and bigger pieces.

Animal hangers by Domestic Animal hangers by Domestic

Moustache Moustache

Then there was this AWESOME rice straw chair by korean Been Kim!

MeO_Been Kim chair

and these austrian basket bags made by Rosa Mosa.


Vibrant blue carpeting and a bisecting stool! Yes!


Thomas Eyck were there showing, among other things, pieces from Scholten & Baijing's Colour Porcelain series (we currently have a few pieces from this series on L'AB!) and Schwarm, a stunning series of beetle-shaped porcelain vases designed and made by german artists RaR. Based in The Netherlands, the women work in collaboration with the younger of the pair, Ulrike Rehm, creating the shapes and forms, and Beate Reinheimer, the beautiful glazed finishes.


Stefan Scholten with one of the beetles Thomas Eyck with one of the beetle vases

Then there was Drucker!

Drucker make all the outdoor chairs for cafes in paris, and they are brilliant, seriously brilliant! You'll have to forgive all my photos . . . it's just too hard to pick a favorite.

MeO_Drucker catalogue


The "Olympia" and the "Capucine" The

The "Rive Gauche" The

The "Trèfle" The

The "Essentials" The

Not a bad first visit to Maison & Objet!