Arnout Meijer tells us what sparks his imagination

Looking Up

It should come as no surprise that Rotterdam native Arnout Meijer looks to the stars for motivation. The breakout designer has made a name for himself in the past year with innovative, color-changing, LED-loving light sculptures like Thanks for the Planets and Thanks for the Sun, which pay homage to celestial bodies. 

When asked where his go-to, local spot for creative stimulation is, Meijer tells us: "My most favorite structure in Rotterdam is the Erasmusbrug, the bridge that connects the south and the north of the city. But as inspiration, I prefer the sky, especially above the harbors of Rotterdam, which you can see quite clearly from the Erasmusbrug. I always think that the sky becomes more colorful because of the chemicals in the harbor, but maybe that's just my imagination."

The Erasmus Bridge under a sunset-splashed sky Photo by Arnout Meijer.

Left: Thanks for the Planets in RedWarmWhite - Right: Thanks for the Planets in WhiteRed Photo © Pim Top

Thanks for the Planets Light Sculpture


Thanks for sharing, Arnout!

*All photos courtesy of Arnout Meijer.

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