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Le Vent

By Ambra Medda

Yes I am posting about CristaSeya again, I just can't get enough! The new collection is inspired by the wind and it's utterly fabulous. Every piece is so perfectly crafted: the delightful combs, the perfectly stitched shirts, the hand made Japanese bowls. The materials are insanely superior. The collection makes you feel like you need a bowl, a trench coat and hammock immediately. Somehow all these things make absolute sense together . . . like a wonderfully eclectic family.

Maxi Mao shirt in Italian seersucker cotton, made in France with a linen and leather belt, made in Italy.

Heritage wooden combs, Tsuge, Minebari wood. Made in Japan. Heritage wooden combs in Tsuge and Minebari wood. Made in Japan. When you hold one of these combs, you never want to let it go. Super smooth and perfectly proportioned.

Handmade pottery coconut, made in Japan. Handmade pottery coconut, made in Japan.

Maxi Mao shirt in Japanese striped cotton, made in France.

Maxi trench coat in English waxed cotton, made in France.

Leather and canvas handmade armchair with a handmade swedish teak structure, made in Italy. Leather, canvas, and Teak handmade foldable armchair, made in Italy.

Hammock in natural in Brazilian cotton, made in Brazil. Hammock, made in Brazil.

* All photos courtesy of CristaSeya.

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