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Jewelry That's Not By Jewelers

By Ambra Medda

You may recall I posted about Galerie MiniMasterpiece a little while ago, a gallery founded by Esther de Beaucé that deals only in jewelry designed by artists, designers, and architects. There are two designers that I can't stop thinking about:  and Axel Kufus.

Sophia Vari, a painter and sculptor, produces limited edition pieces that have a real 'less bling, more beauty' sort of quality.

Les Pleiades II ring, in yellow gold and ebony

Médée II ring, in yellow gold and ebony, with a white cultured pearl

Médée ring, in yellow gold and ebony, with root emerald

The there's Axel Kufus's pieces. A German born designer known for his minimalist furniture creations, the pieces from his Loop collection have a wonderful sense of simplicity and delicacy in their craftsmanship.

Loop 2001, ring in 24 carat gold

Loop 2001, bracelet in 24 carat gold

Loop 2001, necklace in 24 carat gold


* Photos courtesy of Galerie MiniMasterpiece.

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