Designed by Fabrica, exclusively for us

Introducing the One & Only Collection

We're very excited—and quite thankful—this week to officially launch One & Only, a handmade collection designed exclusively for our site by the creative powerhouse Fabrica Design Studio. The series features nine one-of-a-kind objects, each designed by a different Fabrica designer and handmade by a European artist.

More details to follow in our feature story tomorrow (be sure to check back for that!), but in the meantime, take a peek at one of One & Only's incredibly clever pieces, Pascal Hien's Division Vase—which is only fully completed once its owner splits the polished marble cylinder in two (using an included metal chisel), allowing the end-user to put his or her own personal finishing touch on a truly unique design!

Hien's Division Vase, pre-separation Hien's Division Vase, pre-separation

The completed Division Vase The completed Division Vase