Inside & Out

Berlin is currently playing host to a trio of great photography exhibits. They’re as diverse as the city itself, and definitely worth seeing if you’re in the area. Ambra, Anna, Kevin, Natalie, Peter, and Svenja—members of our Berlin and NY offices–went exploring this past week, and collectively raved about the following, which appear, notably, both inside and out:


#1) Saul Leiter: Works 1949 – 1960

Galerie Springer Berlin presents a powerful collection of works by the American photographer and painter. Leiter was a pioneer of color photography (beginning around 1950), and there is an elegance, a sensuality, and even a cinematic quality to much of his work that is sure to move you.

"Kim, Sunday Morning, The Cloisters, (variant)" c. 1947 © Saul Leiter

"Red Curtain" 1956 © Saul Leiter

"Through Boards" 1957 © Saul Leiter

"Menu, Paris" 1959 © Saul Leiter

"Package" c. 1960 © Saul Leiter

Open thru November 9 at Gallery Springer Berlin, Fasenstr. 13, D-10623 Berlin.

* All Photos © Saul Leiter, courtesy of Galerie Springer Berlin in collaboration with Fifty One Fine Art Photography


#2) Kai Wiedenhöfer - Wall on Wall 

Placed directly upon the remnants of the wall that once separated East and West Berlin, "Wall on Wall" features a series of large-scale photos about physical barriers that continue to separate people worldwide. German-born photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer’s contemporary panoramic images—36 in total, each measuring 3 x 9 meters, and printed with an inkjet printer on blueback paper and mounted with normal wallpaper glue—depict walls between the US and Mexico, Spain and Morocco, North and South Korea, in Baghdad, and sadly, many other locales—reminding us of the power inherent in the act of segregation.

Wall on Wall_DSC3785 Panmunjeom, South Korea

Wall on Wall_DSC3771 Baghdad, Iraq

Wall on Wall_DSC3777 Mexico, USA

Wall on Wall_DSC3793

Wall on Wall_DSC3779

Wall on Wall is on thru November 10 at Berlin Wall, Mühlenstraße – 12043 Berlin-Friedrichshain (WestSideGallery, riverside of the East-Side-Gallery)

All Photos © Kevin Mertens


#3) Ostkreuz: To the West

"Ostkreuz: To the West" was organized by beloved Berlin photo gallery C/O Berlin on the occasion of its move to a new location in western Charlottenburg (this is also the neighborhood where you’ll find our Berlin office). The gallery asked Berlin based photo-agency/collective OSTKREUZ to explore and document the area, and their results are posted billboard-style in the open air beside C/O’s soon-to-be-completed new building. The photos reflect the microcosm’s eclectic and changing culture: From posh hotels to run-down buildings, neighborhood staples to tourist traps, and a fantastic cast of local characters, this is one seriously diverse square kilometer. Featuring works by: Jörg Brüggemann, Espen Eichhöfer, Sibylle Fendt, Annette Hauschild, Tobias Kruse, Werner Mahler, Dawin Meckel, Thomas Meyer, Jordis A. Schlösser, Anne Schönharting, Linn Schröder, Maurice Weiss and Heinrich Völkel.

Anne Schönharting © Anne Schönharting / OSTKREUZ

© Heinrich Völker / OSTKREUZ © Heinrich Völkel / OSTKREUZ

Jordis Antonia Schlösser © Jordis Antonia Schlösser / OSTKREUZ

Maurice Weiss © Maurice Weiss / OSTKREUZ

Ausstellungseröffnung Ostkreuz:Westwärtz © Katharina Ira

Ausstellungseröffnung Ostkreuz:Westwärtz © Katharina Ira

Open thru November 24 at C/O Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin.

* All Photos courtesy of C/O Berlin.