Hunting for Inspiration

We have the utmost respect for designers. In addition to possessing massive talent, the designers we love most are also masters of creative problem solving, astute observers of the world around us, and incredibly hard workers. They don't just sit around waiting for lighting bolts to hit; they proactively seek out opportunities for inspiration on an almost daily basis. So this week, we tag along with a handful of designers to discover some of their go-to spots for creative stimuli. For our first stop, we head to Baltimore, Maryland with the lovely Dana Bechert.

According to Dana: "I maintain an urban garden here, and it is my very favorite place in the city."


She goes on: "An unlikely perk to living in a city like Baltimore is the abundance of vacant, overgrown space. For the last four years, I have stewarded a wild and evolving garden plot where I keep bees and grow flowers, food crops, and weeds. This magical space vibrates with life, from the busy pollinators and mulberry eating birds, to the bumping boom boxes on the corner. It's a complex portrait of this moment in time in Baltimore. I think of my pottery practice as a way to add value to the parts of life I already treasure most: nurturing and collecting plants and preparing and sharing food and drink. My garden is just another iteration of that same desire."

Thanks so much, Dana! Be sure to check out Dana's gorgeous vases in our Shop as well, and stay tuned for more fun designer outings all week!

*All photos courtesy of Dana Bechert 

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