The studio’s insider tips on their best local eateries.

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We’re really loving the work of great things to People (aka gt2P), an innovative and fun Chilean design collaborative based in Santiago’s beautiful Las Flores neighborhood.

Cristobal Palma - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog gt2P. Portrait © Cristobal Palma.

Writer Bryn Smith recently sat down with partners Tamara Pérez, Sebastián Rozas, Guillermo Parada, and Eduardo Arancibia for our latest feature interview, Great Things to People; while she was at it, she asked the studio for insider tips on the best local eateries. Here’s what they had to say:

Sabor de Buenos Aires is the best patisserie! They also have really good coffee (and the restaurant’s only two blocks from our studio).

Sabor De Buenos Aires - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog Sabor de Buenos Aires.

- There’s another coffee shop near Sebastian’s apartment called Rende Bú. It’s in a converted house and run by some of our friends.

Rendebú Coffee - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog Rende Bú.

Rendebú Coffee - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog Rende Bú.

Caramagnola is a local pizzeria that will give you a discount if you arrive by bike. It’s also close to the studio and they have delicious craft beers.

Caramagnola - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog Caramagnola.

- We also highly recommend the peruvian ceviche at Ciudadano.

- Fuente Suiza has really good sandwiches and wonderful mayonnaise.

- Finally, we often gather at the nearby Parque Intercomunal park or Guillermo and Tamara’s house to drink piscolas (a drink made with pisco and Coke) and barbecue.

succulent - gt2P - L’ArcoBaleno blog


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