This vintage gallery is actually in Berlin

Firma London

By Ambra Medda

Despite their name, Firma London is actually a Berlin-based gallery.

gold palm tree From France, circa. 1970, a large metal palm tree lamp!

warren platner blue chair Warren Platner lounge chair, 1966.

This Warren Platner lounge chair is upholstered in vintage 'Miami Ice Blue' wool material—what a great name for a color! Produced by Knoll International, it's sitting in the window of Firma London along with a pair of 1950's Arredoluce design floor lamps.

Lady Chair

Willy Rizzo revolving coffee table Willy Rizzo coffee table, 1971.

You can't tell from the picture, but the whole table revolves. How funky is that? I love Willy Rizzo, and think there's a big market waiting to happen for him.

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