From the Massoud family farm to table-top gems at Art Factum

Farm to Table

By Ambra Medda

I recently had the great fortune of meeting Mary-Lynn Massoud and her brother Carlo Massoud in Beirut. Not only did I get the full tour of their impressive organic farm, I also visited Carlos's show at Carwan gallery, Mary-Lynn's studio, and Mary-Lynn and partner Racha Nawam's latest show at Art Factum Gallery.

Truly, Mary-Lynn and Racha may be the fiercest creative female duo I've ever seen. The work is phenomenal! Despite their bubbly energy, these two Lebanese women create masterfully whimsical, poetic, almost quiet ceramic works. Their pieces range from functional tabletop objects, such as plates and bowls, to decorative birds, vases, and more. As demonstrated in their latest exhibition, Stacked, which featured an amazing collection of Raku Clay vases, the ladies' work celebrates the beauty found in the irregular. The results, as you can see, are incredibly compelling and joyful!

red, red berries Red, red berries at the Massoud's farm
yep - those are chickens Yep - those are chickens
in the studio with the gorgeous and talented Mary-Lynn In the studio with the gorgeous and talented Mary-Lynn
Stacked at Art Factum Stacked at Art Factum
Stacked at Art Factum Stacked at Art Factum

*Exhibition images courtesy of Art Factum Gallery

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