Today we went on a studio visit

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

By Ambra Medda

This morning, I went on a studio visit with my lovely colleagues, Anna and Katherine. We headed over to Greenpoint in Brooklyn to meet with Chen Chen and Kai Williams. These two designers are creating some of the most vibrant work being made today. Their studio is raw and full of exciting ideas, products, and projects in the making.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams

Just look at these two gangsters.

Kai Williams Kai Williams.


stack of coasters

Coasters . . . Well, I have to admit I loath coasters. Sad but true. However after seeing these coasters I am converted.

I bought a set immediately.

Chen and an orange Chen Chen.



These Stone Fruit Planters are delightful and practical. I must say they're much more exciting in person and will be even more so once I repot all my little plants in them. The texture of their surface and their colors are really great. There are lots of different fruits to choose from: pineapple, avocado, orange, horned fruit and melon.

An avocado

Finally an Avocado planter for my succulents!


Awesome bangles made from salvaged kitchen counter top stone. You probably wouldn't stop and look twice at this stone if it were a counter top, but somehow it takes on a whole new dimension in the form of a bangle.

Stone bangle

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