A new show on at Galerie Kissthedesign

Céramique I

Galerie Kissthedesign in Lausanne, Switzerland, aims to show off the multiple personalities of ceramic when used in design with their new exhibition Céramique I, opening tomorrow. The gallery invited a range of contemporary designers, artists, and ceramists to either showcase an existing work or to create a new ceramic piece, paying particular attention to works exploring the decorative, luxury, and narrative potential of the material.

Because it's so heavy by Makiko Nakamura, 2011

Ninfea Vase by Matteo Zorzenoni, 2013

GRID by Tomas Kral, 2013

Patterns & Colors by Dimitri Bähler, 2013

Contre Nature Morte by Francois Ruegg

True Blue by Martin Hyde, 2013

Vase by Thomas Koenig & Adrien Chevalley, 2012

Money Vase by Chris Kabel, 2006

Lamp L'assiette by Béatrice Durandard, 2013

* Images courtesy of Kissthedesign Gallery.

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