Greece is the most special place for me. I was born on the small island of Rhodes and since then have come back almost every summer. Each time I return I feel recharged and retuned. Greece basically is a must for me . . . otherwise I wouldn't make it through the winter.


Damian and I stopped in Athens on our way to Hydra and decided to visit the Acropolis. Although we had both been several times before the site never ceases to amaze. A special magnetic energy transpires and the panoramic view of Athens is breath taking.

Approaching the Erechtheion Approaching the Erechtheion

The Erechtheion The Erechtheion


The Parthenon undergoing restoration. The Parthenon undergoing restoration.

As you can see, a lot of restoration work is currently underway. During the 19th and 20th centuries, restorations were done on the giant structures, although often haphazardly, so now they are disassembling past attempts and reconstructing them accurately.


Restoration in process


Ambra in Athens