This Milan-based designer really knows how to live.

At Home with Alberto Biagetti

In Italy, there are endless examples of simplicity at it most refined—one of our favorite approaches that really makes a house a home. One great example of this aesthetic in action is the home of Milan-based designer Alberto Biagetti, who makes some of the hyper-distinctive lamps , tables , and wardrobes  you’ll find in our Shop.

We love that this space, which he shares with his wife artist Laura Baldassari, is so open, so minimal. And yet there are these little pops of color and clear, bold forms throughout that bring the space to life. And the art collection ensures the interior is all their own.

We asked Biagetti to define the perfect home, and here’s what he told us:

"There are three things that make an ideal home for me: first, the people you live with; second, the view from your window; third, the fact that each object of your home is an active part of your life—just like a living diary, a source of inspiration for tomorrow.”

Thank you, Mr. Biagetti, for sharing your home with us!


 * All images, except the portrait, © Alice Fiorilli, courtesy of INTERNI.
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