A Hunting We Will Go

Something that caught our attention recently was Dai Fujiwara's Color-Hunting exhibition, on at 21_21 Design Sight until October 6th.

Inspired by his personal research and investigations, Fujiwara, former creative director at Issey Miyake, devised Color-Hunting, a fascinating look at the colors that surround us. Escaping from color charts and color theory, Fujiwara captures colors that he comes across in ‘the wild’, mixing them in watercolor on the spot, and producing his ‘real color’ swatches.

From the color of lions to the color of skin (which is remarkably similar to the colors of the Amazon river) to the various hues of vegetables, even Fujiwara found himself surprised by some of his catches. The testing point for Fujiwara and his team of hunters: if the swatch disappears into its color-sake, it’s a perfect catch.

Lion Shoes Lion Shoes. Photo: Dai Fujiwara

Lion Shoes Lion Shoes. Photo: Keizo Kioku

Vegetable Water∙Vegetable Pigment Vegetable Water ∙ Vegetable Pigment. Photo: Dai Fujiwara

Sky Dairy Sky Dairy. Photo: Dai Fujiwara

Sky Dairy Sky Diary. Photo: Keizo Kioku

We’re excited to see what comes of these new swatches and how they might start shading the designed world.