Rome, Italy

Design to furnish pleasure Kathrin Charlotte Bohr launched jacobsroom – her brand and design studio for unique objects, limited editions, and interiors she single-handedly creates – in 2017. jacobsroom is an experimental space in continuous evolution. For Kathrin, creating and inventing in a way that makes sense today means listening to and observing the complex changes in human evolution and the human relationship with nature and tackling the challenges of new and sensible approaches and choices of materials. The bringing together of aesthetic pleasure and responsible choices is the real, steadily evolving heart of Kathrin’s working process. The studio pays close attention to the methods and processes of production. Kathrin’s multi-layered background offers a fertile setup for crossover techniques and the cross-pollination of materials. As well as tactile pleasure, the pleasure of an object’s aroma must also be taken into consideration. Today, only a mindful choice of materials allows for the creation of objects to be enjoyed in total freedom – the only way for Kathrin to create something wholly gratifying. For an object to make sense, it must embody the original meaning of decorum as something linked to its social context, where beauty was identified with integrity. An object is truly beautiful when it is born out of a creative process that pays close attention to environmental and social changes and benefits the community. jacobsroom‘s creations are born out of Kathrin’s own curiosity. She describes it as being like harvesting sensory seeds: impressions that flow into her subconscious, where they undergo creative cross-pollination – the vibrancy of choreography, the growth of a flower, the pause in a sonata….sensory input that coalesces into an unstoppable engine for creativity. Kathrin’s multidisciplinary work experience allows these polyphonic inputs to be woven together in the visualization of a new object. Each piece is created like a story: molded, destroyed, and rebuilt by hand until its soul comes to life and its narrative shines through. Kathrin’s experience in the film hints at her talent for conveying space through memories and sensations – of storytelling and its potential to arrange inconspicuous details into powerful visuals. jacobsroom is an exploratory journey through our eternal need for beauty, creating resourceful and beneficial decors that are ready to evolve together with you and your imagination.