Brussels, Belgium

NoMoreTwist is a Belgian textile design studio, established in 2010 by Marie Beguin (born in Liège, Belgium, in 1984) and Anne de Prémare (born in 1982, Paris). The pair met at the Fine Art Academy in Brussels in 2009, where de Prémare completed a Bachelor’s Degree in textile design, graduating in 2008, while Beguin—who had previously attained a Bachelor’s Degree in painting from the ESA Saint Luc in Liège—graduated with a Master’s in textile design in 2009.

The designers were united, first and foremost, by their shared passion for weaving; the studio began as a place for collective research that branched into a range of textile objects. Their work is driven by a search for “balance between reminiscence and innovation; purity and enthusiasm; consistency and hazard.” NoMoreTwist’s custom fabric designs draw inspiration from fine art, historical textile design, nature, and a love of color. The studio pays particular attention to the sensuality of the material - or, as they put it, “the secret link between structures and patterns.” Developing different weaves is at the heart of the designers’ mission and they often work together, sitting at a giant loom, considering every aspect of a new cloth design from the thickness of the threads to the texture, color, patterns, and above all, the various ways of interlocking and weaving the thread. The resulting fabrics are then highlighted within collections of throws, cushions, and scarves.

Alongside their work with NoMoreTwist, the designer duo offer consultancy services and have collaborated with several brands including, notably, Jean-Paul Gaultier Studio. de Prémare has also worked with fashion design studio Mahlia Kent Paris on a collection of woven haute couture. Beguin teaches weaving at MAFAD in Maastricht and ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, while also working as an assistant for textile and interior designer Cenk Krivrikoglu. NoMoreTwist has a showroom in Brussels and a workshop in Liège.