Atelier KAS

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian designer Katalin (or Kata) Dóra Bartis was born in Pécs in 1988. Bartis studied architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, earning a Master’s degree in 2013. After graduating, she worked as an architect at a few Hungarian offices before launching her own design studio, Atelier KAS, in her home in Budapest in January 2016.  Atelier KAS is dedicated to timeless forms, inspired by the beauty and logic found in nature.

Her debut series, Skep and Skep Color (both 2016), consist of hand-formed, hand-carved clay vessels inspired by forms found in nature and rural life—haystacks, beehives—as well as their namesake, skeps: manmade, traditional woven baskets used as artificial beehives.

Describing her objects, Bartis notes: “I see my works as reminiscent of ancient artifacts and folk art pieces. I like objects with simple and meaningful designs that are in harmony with their owner. And I think it's becoming more and more important for people to fill their homes with pieces that are one-of-a-kind and have a story to tell.”