Veerle Verbakel Gallery

Veerle Verbakel Gallery specializes in limited-edition, 21st-century design-art. The gallery was founded by Belgian-born Veerle Verbakel, who sums up her mission in the phrase, “the duality of design.” “I’m intrigued by that thin line between art and design; between industrial and luxury goods,” Verbakel says. “So I am focused on commissioning designers to create unique art objects using high quality industrial materials and techniques.”

Verbakel was originally trained as an engineer but has spent the last five years co-running Gitzwart, a consultancy agency for designers that aims to bridge the many gaps between investors and designers. “It’s a lot of fun to convince designers of their economic value,” she says, “and I was lucky to work for very exciting designers, like Makers with Agendas, Sylvain Willenz, and Raw Edges, to name a few. But I had the feeling that I wanted to create something. I wanted to work towards a product, something I could touch.”

To date, the gallery represents the work of Alfredo Häberli, Chevalier Masson, Studio Dessuant Bone, James Thompson, and Michael Young.