spot4 GmbH

Spot4 works continually to find unique pieces of furniture, taking care of their discovery (i.e. "spotting") for you. Behind Spot4 are Daniela Nösges and Claudia Knopf. Daniela, who works as a freelance architect in the field of housing and interior design, developed the idea of spot4 to its maturity, inspired by her love for the job and the growing demands of the industry. Claudia has been a senior executive in e-business for many years, and her great affinity for beautiful furniture and penchant for creating and setting up rooms was the cornerstone for the idea of ​​spot4. With great interest, spot4 listens to you and the stories of your home accessories to best pass them on to their subsequent owners, enabling not simply an acquisition of an object, but rather of furniture with a past and character. Spot4 was founded at the end of 2016 and has its furniture warehouse in Wädenswil on the beautiful Lake Zurich.